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At Edible Endeavors, we strive to provide professional service to all of our catered affairs and are happy to have an option for our hardworking entrepreneurial realtors. With our A’ la Carte or complete menus, we can provide you with the perfect food and environment to get your buyers looking and talking.


Let us handle the catering details, you handle the sale! Provide us with the specific homes you’ll need to have catered, the type of menu items you’d like served and the dates of your Open House. The dedicated team at Edible Endeavors will then make all the necessary arrangements guaranteeing that your event goes off without a hitch! By obtaining very detailed information about your specific event and understanding your expectation, we can custom design the perfect real estate event to suit your specific needs! We are highly flexible and accommodating and strive to ensure that you’re always well taken care of and treated in the utmost courteous and professional manner.


We want this to be effortless for you, so we’ll think of everything, leaving you to deal with the business at hand; closing the deal! From thirst quenching beverages like our almost famous Georgia Sweet Tea and Pink Lemonade Punch to our beautifully crafted dessert and fruit platters, our generous portions and lots of delicious options, you won’t worry about running out of food and every guest is sure to find plenty of palette pleasing goodies!


As always premium disposable Servicewares and ice are always included to make cleaning up after your guests easy and fast. We know that after your impressive open house, you’ll be too busy fielding offers to worry about anything else! If full service catering is needed, our team can gladly service your entire event, from the first quest to the last!

See our most up to date menu here!


Besides being able to offer a delicious catered service for your clients, here are a few tried & true strategies that, if employed correctly, may give your Open House a leg up and maximize your investment:


  1. Schedule your open house after normal working hours, typically after 5 P.M, for higher attendance levels. Offering a quick “Lunchtime Look” may also open the window for those on a tighter evening schedule or those that work an evening shift an opportunity to view as well.

  2. Inviting the right guests, such as public officials, Chamber of Commerce, brokers and other “influencers” that network with people who speak with those who may be in the market for something special.

  3. Meet them where they digitally are! Social media is extremely effective at boosting awareness and interest. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are a sure-fire way to ready a broad & diverse audience.

  4. Create Meet-Up Groups via and invite demographically compatible groups to partake or share the opportunity.

  5. Printed materials still work! Enlist local vendors whose quality product/service well represent the area and partner with them to strategically place printed material in their locations. Specialty cafes, local wineries or breweries, open-air markets, private membership clubs and other lifestyle vendors. If all pans out, you get the sale, they get a new local client ~ no losers there!!

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Real Estate Catering

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