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Newly designed packages to help ease your stress at a difficult time... These menus are just a small example of our services and available menus. We will be happy to customize and tailor your services to your needs.


~~~~ Edible Endeavors is a full service catering company, providing every aspect of your catering needs. We are sympathetic and open to our customers' input and suggestions, and will respect your individual wishes and needs. We appreciate your trust and confidence and will make every effort to provide you with the professional, prompt and proficient funeral catering services you deserve so that your service is seamless. It is this type of commitment and dedication to our clientele that has earned us a reputation for excellence in our field.  ~~~~


When a loved one passes on, it is a very emotional and trying time for family and friends   alike. Sometimes these events happen without prior warning or planning, requiring family members to make prompt decisions on funeral arrangements and memorial services. When it comes to bereavement catering, Edible Endeavors offers caring and reliable support to meet you and your family’s personal needs. Edible Endeavors is well known in the Atlanta area for their excellent services in all types of events to include weddings, anniversaries, corporate and private parties, holiday banquets, memorial services and more. Our passion   for excellence is what separates us from the masses; it is also what will make a marked difference in making your difficult time stress free and seamless, just as you deserve it to be.

Our Bereavement Catering brochure here.

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Bereavement Catering

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